Terms of Service

Base Service Rate

$110/hour (including the time to travel to your business) This rate can be adjusted upon signing a routine maintenance contract.

Additional Charges

To cover the cost of the additional components needed for every job we have a few non-negotiable charges:

Truck Supplies- $10



Installation Estimates

We provide  free estimates for installations. Whether it be  replacement equipment or a new installation; we use our affiliations with local equipment distributors and our top of the line installment team to get the job done right for your business. 

Routine Maintenance Program

The Routine Maintenance Program at GKT Refrigeration guarantees you: discounted rates, reduced pricing options, and priority emergency service during the duration of your contract. We assess your equipment and build a profile to better quote your specific needs in this program. We set up routine services one, two, three or four times a year; depending on necessity. We make it our job to ensure maintenance is completed in a timely manner.  

Warranty Service

We are the chosen warranty service provider for top manufacturers.  Please visit our warranty page for more information or to submit a warranty service request. Warranty Service customers are required to fill out a Warranty Service Agreement (found on the warranty and forms page) for service to be scheduled. 



Payment Terms

We work with customers to set the best payment terms for their organization.  Our payment terms are as follows:

COD -  For first time customers or customers who have not had a service contract in the last two years; payment is due on completion of service. 

Net 15 - For local businesses that do not partner with a large corporation; payment is due within two weeks after service.

NET 30/45 - Reserved for larger and corporate partners such as hotels, school systems and programs, and chain restaurants;  payment is due within 30 /45 days after service.